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DUFFBeauty's mission is to create and provide quality eyelashes to complete any look, whether it is for everyday use, or for going out. DUFF lashes are hand-tied, which increases the quality and durability of the lashes, so by good care, they can be used up to 20-25 times.
We put a huge virtue in designing individual, unique lashes, that gives a little extra. Both to complete the natural look, and for those desiring a more glamorous look. All our lashes are handmade with the finest materials - a mixture of human hair and korean silk, which is a delicate synthetic material. Since the lashes are handmade, all styles are individual, in contrast to lashes produced by mechanical processes.
We believe that our quality-conscious customers, will take reservation for this.

What does DUFF mean?

The origin of the name 'DUFF' comes from the Persian language, and is a nickname for the glamorous and attractive woman, who does not compromise on quality, and always adds a little extra to look even more stunning.

DUFF Creators

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